Three Against the Wilderness

The book

Three Against the Wilderness was published by Dutton in 1959, with illustrations by Joseph Cellini. It was reprinted by Touchwood Editions in 2007.

Alan Twigg, in a review for BC Bookworld, described it as ‘a classic homesteading account that is gradually slipping into obscurity, along with the reputation of its author’.

Veasy Collier talked about the book.
[Click on the ‘play’ arrow to hear the interview clip below.]

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  1. Ken said, on March 27, 2011 at 11:27 am

    My wife and I are planning a trip from Australia to Canada. My sister loaned me Eric’s book. She’s had it for years and has read it many times.

    What a great ‘yarn’! I liked Eric’s turn of phrase, so often! The interviews with Veasy are fascinating.

    We have wondered if we could plan to visit Meldrum Creek – but it seems that it would be a 7+ hour trip from Vancouver – and then what? At the very least, I hope we can see real beaver dams somewhere in BC when we visit!

    Thank you to James Stewart for putting this site together.


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