Three Against the Wilderness

His move to Canada

Eric Collier was born in Northampton, England in 1903, the son of the Managing Director of a firm supplying machinery to the shoe industry. Having failed as a trainee lawyer, he travelled to Canada in 1920 to work on his cousin Harry Marriott’s Big Bar ranch near Clinton, British Columbia.  Marriott wrote about his own life in a book called Cariboo Cowboy (Gray’s Publishing Ltd., Sydney, B.C, 1966).

A year later, he struck out on his own and went to work for Fred Becher at the trading post in Riske Creek, near Williams Lake. It was there that he met Lillian Ross. They married in 1928.

Veasy Collier talked about his father’s move from Britain to Canada.
[Click on the ‘play’ arrow to hear the interview clip below.]

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  1. Kaz Dziamka said, on April 6, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    Some of us cannot live without wilderness. Embellished or not, Collier’s stories as told in his book are an inspiration and a much-needed hope for some of us. I am absolutely horrified by what oil and uranium corporations are doing to the last large pristine wilderness areas in Canada. Collier’s book should never be forgotten.
    A great site. Many thanks to James Stewart.

    Kaz Dziamka

  2. Willard Railsback said, on October 28, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Wonderful book – would love to converse with Veasy and know where and how he is now. We live on the Oregon coast so we could at times, while reading the book, feel that we were with his family. 1-541-404-1461 willard railsback, po box 1861, bandon oregon 97411

  3. Beth Thompson said, on August 4, 2014 at 12:00 am

    My husband’s favorite book growing up was Three Against the Wilderness. He read it so many times that when the book was past library use, the librarian sent it to him and we have it to this day. All of our children have enjoyed it as well and my husband went to B.C. to find the place where it took place and did – back in the 70’s. It has molded my husband’s dreams a great deal and to some extent that of our children. We are very thankful Eric took the time to write it. Beth Thompson, Ga., USA

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