Three Against the Wilderness

The first beavers – and their descendants

Veasy Collier well recalled the day the first two beavers arrived on Meldrum Creek.
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Andrew Anaka, Conservation Officer with the Ministry of Environment, based in Williams Lake in 2006, estimated there were now ‘many thousands’ of beaver in the Chilcotin and Cariboo districts. He described them as a ‘keystone’ species.
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Image: © Photawa |

Rancher Neil Macdonald knew Eric Collier and admired his conservation work – but he had mixed feelings about the fact that the beavers were back in force.

Monte Hummel, President Emeritus of WWF Canada, wrote:
‘It’s ironic: this industrious creature was honoured as our national emblem because it helped “build the country” by literally sacrificing the skin off its back; exploited almost to extinction, it became the subject of reintroductions, which were so successful that it is now regarded as little more than a local nuisance.’
(From Wintergreen, Key Porter Books, 1999.)


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