Three Against the Wilderness

Conservation & beavers

In recent years, the idea of reintroducing species to their former habitats has gathered momentum. Wolves were returned to Yellowstone Park in the USA in the mid 1990s – and there are controversial suggestions that the same should be done in Scotland. Californian Condors, bred in captivity, were reintroduced into the wild in the USA in 1992 and Trumpeter Swans now inhabit the marshes of Wisconsin, thanks to a 10-year-old programme.

In Britain, red kites, which came back from the brink of extinction in Wales, have been brought back to England.  European bison have been reintroduced in Romania.

Beavers have been reintroduced to many European countries and were restored to the wild in Scotland in 2009. Here’s video of the first kit filmed at the reintroduction site in 2015.

In Wales, a consultation is under way about plans to reintroduce them here. Latest news on that project from the BBC.

It is hoped that beavers will also return to the wild in England.

Find out more about the Canadian beaver.

Interesting information also here.


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  1. Graeme Pearse said, on August 1, 2010 at 8:27 am

    My wife and I have been reading Three Against the Willderness for the past 40 odd years and never tire of reliving the achievement of these people.To be able to view your interview with Veasy has just added another dimension to this saga. Thank you for making this for all who are interested in the achievements of humanity.

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